Deborah Wang, curator




Lists are subjective and laborious. They are expansive and dexterous. Lists come in many forms from the simple to the complex, and they are never the same. As a labyrinth of ideas and associations, a system for condensing thoughts and remembering, lists weave intricate experiences and objects together and map them on a two-dimensional surface. ‘The Typology and Topography of Repetition’ is an exhibition that explores the use of repetition and lists as both a means and ends to creating paper and print-based works centred on subjectivity, memory, and systems of organizing and classifying ‘information.’ Presenting new work by artists Danielle Bleackley, Jennifer Cherniack, Alicia Nauta and Lisa Visser, this exhibition reveals the versatility and complexity of list-making, and the processes and material consequences of repetition.



The Typology and Topography of Repetition, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, 2010