Deborah Wang



Photo Credit: Christine Lim

Spatial Geometries: Mirror Line uses simple geometry paired with the common daily practice having coffee as a framework for a directed walk through the city. While The Bad Feng Shui Project uses a superstitious lens to view the city and constructs a tour by visiting these sites, Spatial Geometries focuses on setting up a specific relationship between two points. However, both curated tours make something from nothing in the sense that the map, as a suggested guide or starting point, is the only material object that is tangible and ‘something’ intangible is created by moving and thinking about the city in an extraordinary way.

Armed with an itinerary and instruction, participants on this self-guided tour set out for three destinations: (A) Dark Horse Espresso Bar at 682 Queen Street East, (AB) the centre point between A and B at approximately 160 Jarvis Street, and (B) Dark Horse Espresso Bar at 215 Spadina Avenue. The selection of these points: A, AB and B, form something from nothing. By ‘something’ I refer to specific geometric operations, and by ‘nothing’ I mean the immateriality of the connection between A and B where nothing is physically altered or inserted into the city in order to manifest this relationship.



RETHINKING SPACE: Explorations in the invisible city, XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, 2010



Free Paper, JP King editor, 2011



Projects for the City