Sample of knitted luminescent wire

The knitted lamp we created for the exhibition MADE at Home merges a technique with a desired atmosphere or ambiance. Our creative practice revolves around the tactile act of knitting as a means for producing wearable or functional objects, sculpture and installation. We experiment with different materials to explore their creative possibilities, while still preserving the material qualities and emotive associations of a hand-knit textile.

The atmospheric light and internal glow of Ithaca 1 & Ithaca 2 generates a feeling of warmth. Whether to illuminate the dark evenings of a Canadian winter or to subtley bathe a room in soothing light, this light sculpture becomes an extension of the coziness of a blanket or hand-made quilt, something that drapes itself over a piece of furniture. Because Ithaca is hand-knit, no light sculpture will ever be the same.



MADE at Home, Upstairs at MADE, Toronto, 2011


Ithaca 1

Ithaca 2

 Ithaca 2

Ithaca 2 installed at MADE at Home

Ithaca 1 detail