William Elsworthy with Philip Beesley, Steven Wood and Rob Gorbet


Rendered plan view of installation

Implant Matrix is an interactive geotextile that could be used for reinforcing landscapes and buildings of the future. The matrix is capable of mechanical empathy. The structure responds to human presence with subtle grasping and sucking motions, ingesting organic materials and incorporating them into a new hybrid entity.

Implant Matrix is composed of interlinking filtering ‘pores’ within a lightweight structural system. Primitive interactive systems employ capacitance sensors, shape-memory alloy wire actuators and distributed microprocessors. The matrix is fabricated by laser cutting direct from digital models. Implant Matrix was installed at InterAccess Media Arts Centre in Toronto.

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Completed with Philip Beesley, Steven Wood and Rob Gorbet



scale, InterAccess Media Arts Centre, Toronto, 2006



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Rendering from digital model of installation

Installing the acrylic structure and electronic systems

Close-up of acrylic modules with SMA actuators and wiring

 Close-up of installation in progress

Left Image: Diagram of the 30-sided polyhedrom structural ‘sphere’ populated with acrylic modules frames. Right image: penrose tiling

Production chart illustrating the evolution and refinement of the component design

Rendering of the modules arranged into the partial structural ‘spheres’ with the rhombus geometry overlaid.