Curated by Rose Bouthillier, Sky Goodden, Amber Landgraff, Deborah Wang, and Lauren Wetmore



Photo credit: Art Gallery of Ontario

The works in this exhibition respond to loss in terms of memory, history, and physical absence. These artists use diverse media to explore the possibilities of communicating loss. They depict difficult and intimate experiences, questioning the limits of representation. If loss is something we all face, why do we rarely speak about it? Art has the potential to provide a voice where words fail. Here the artworks provide a forum to consider the matter of loss.

Featuring works by Christian Boltanski, Greg Curnoe, Dena DeCola & Karin E. Wandner, Eric Fischl, Martha Issumatarjuak, Brian Kipping, Jane Martin and Spring Hurlbut.



The Matter of Loss, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 2009


Photo credit: Art Gallery of Ontario