Deborah Wang



Photo Credit: Christine Lim

The Bad Feng Shui Project is a self-guided walking tour of all the houses with bad feng shui in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood in Toronto.  It relies on the map as a guide for a durational experience of the city, drawing attention to specific houses within the context of the heterogeneous urban fabric that connects them. Participants are invited to use the map to navigate the three-dimensional space of the city, and by walking they are able to investigate and activate the urban landscape in its existing form.

The impetus behind The Bad Feng Shui Project is rooted in my own psychogeographic experiences and walking as a method for investigating the urban landscape. On one level, this project aims to incrementally alter or recalibrate our perceptions and interactions with the city. On another, it seeks to reformulate the exhibition as something that is transitory and contingent on those who participate in or perform the walk.



RETHINKING SPACE: Explorations in the invisible city, XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, 2010



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Deborah Wang, Bad Feng Shui Project, 2010

Deborah Wang, Bad Feng Shui Project, 2010