Deborah Wang, Artist


IMAGE: installation view, Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid, courtesy of TYPOLOGY


Part of a larger project, Phantom Limb, through which Wang considers encounters with death and reflects on loss, the Earth Plugs series of sculptures is produced through a process that casts in soil together with various other forms. As Wang notes, “Phantom Limb speaks to the relationship between the living and the dead as trace — vestiges of what is now absent. With photographs and sculptures, I turn towards death, deaths I have and have not experienced. I create a funerary terrain of my own making. I prepare for loss.” Taking on the appearance of gravestones, each sculpture’s white surface is conjoined with an unearthed based, marking the space between seen and unseen worlds. Yet her relationship to each one is rooted in physicality. By casting, cleaning, sanding, storing, and drying each vessel, she performs the repetitive rituals similar to those found in the funerary traditions of her Taiwanese heritage. Through this process of caring for the vessels, she prepares for loss but also perhaps for recovery.

Text edited and excerpted from Loose Ends catalogue essay by curator Noa Bronstein.

IMAGE: installation view, Photo by artist


Loose Ends, TYPOLOGY, Toronto, 2016
Phantom Limb, NO FOUNDATION, Toronto, 2016