Big Knit Scarves

ELSWORTHY WANG 2006 –   Big Knit Scarf in re-claimed wool off-cuts from a local menswear designer   Big Knit Scarves were conceived as a way to put…

Laundry Line Baskets

ELSWORTHY WANG 2008 –   Photo credit: Kathryn Gaitens The baskets of the Laundry Line series are knit using both new and salvaged plastic coated steel laundry line. …

Growing Up in Howard Township, Kent County, Ontario

ELSWORTHY WANG, book and cover design 2009     “After my father Ken Elgie died in 1988, my mother, Ruth realized that some of his stories and memories…

Green Ground Zero

ELSWORTHY WANG 2003   Competition Entry The proposal for a green ground zero is comprised of three components – a constructed wetland (swamp), solar canopy and interactive nodes….

Hespeler Public Library Textile Design

ELSWORTHY WANG 2006 The Hespeler Public Library Textile Design competition invited textile artists and craftspeople to propose a large-scale textile drapery for the newly constructed Hespeler Public Library….

Big Knitting: Landscape Section 4

ELSWORTHY WANG 2008     Big Knitting: Landscape Section 4 uses the traditional, practical and applied nature of knitting to create work where process becomes an integral component….


ELSWORTHY WANG 2011   Sample of knitted luminescent wire The knitted lamp we created for the exhibition MADE at Home merges a technique with a desired atmosphere or…

Big Knitting: Landscape Section

ELSWORTHY WANG 2006   Photo of installation at the historic Gladstone Hotel This project was conceived as the epilogue of the unrealized Hespeler Public Library Textile Design. Big…