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Urban Fabric: Portraits of a City

Deborah Wang, Guest Curator 2014   IMAGE: Jessica Craig, Don Valley #190 (2012), Digital print Featuring works by Sheila Ayearst, Jessica Craig, Department of Unusual Certainties, Scott Eunson,…


IIDEX 2012 Special Delivery

Curated by Shaun Moore, Julie Nicholson, Jeremy Vandermeij, and Deborah Wang 2012   Special Delivery truck interior by Christina Zeidler. Special Delivery is an exhibition which transforms 18-wheeler…

Toronto Design Offsite

Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO)

Deborah Wang, Creative Director 2011 –     The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) is an annual city-wide platform for the exhibition and engagement of independent design…

Hylozoic Ground

Component Design Essay

William Elsworthy 2011     The Hylozoic Ground experimental architecture series developed by architect Philip Beesley has been expanded and refined by researchers, engineers and designers from around…

Orpheus Filter

Orpheus Filter

William Elsworthy, Philip Beesley and Alex Josephson 2005   Photo credit: Philip Beesley Architect Inc. Orpheus Filter is a hybrid ‘geotextile’ equipped with layers of minature valves and…

Hylozoic Soil

Hylozoic Soil

William Elsworthy with Philip Beesley, Rob Gorbet, Hayley Issacs, Christian Joakim, Jonah Humphrey, Kirsten Robinson, Jon Cummings, Jonathan Tyrrell, Eric Bury, Lawrence Chan, Charisma Panchapakesan 2007   Photo…


FEAST Toronto

Deborah Wang and Amber Landgraff, co-founders 2010 –   FEAST 01 Project Grant winner Sean Martindale’s project, this installation in collaboration with Martin Reis FEAST (Funding Engaging Actions…


Come Up To My Room

Deborah Wang, co-curator 2009 – 2012   CUTMR 2010, Edward Lin & Kira Varvanina Come Up To My Room (CUTMR) is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual alternative design exhibition….

Big Knit Scarves

Big Knit Scarves

ELSWORTHY WANG 2006 –   Big Knit Scarf in re-claimed wool off-cuts from a local menswear designer   Big Knit Scarves were conceived as a way to put…

Laundry Line Basket

Laundry Line Baskets

ELSWORTHY WANG 2008 –   Photo credit: Kathryn Gaitens The baskets of the Laundry Line series are knit using both new and salvaged plastic coated steel laundry line. …


Spatial Geometries: Mirror Line

Deborah Wang 2010   Photo Credit: Christine Lim Spatial Geometries: Mirror Line uses simple geometry paired with the common daily practice having coffee as a framework for a…


AGO Tour V2

Deborah Wang 2012   Deborah Wang, AGO Tour V2 (post post transformation), 4×6″ double-sided postcard, edition of 400, 2012 (front) This project is part of Gift Shop Gift…


The Bad Feng Shui Project

Deborah Wang 2010   Photo Credit: Christine Lim The Bad Feng Shui Project is a self-guided walking tour of all the houses with bad feng shui in the…

Stop-Motion Migration Overlay Image

Stop-Motion Migration

Deborah Wang 2010   Deborah Wang, Stop-Motion Migration No.1-6 (Composite), 2010 Stop-Motion Migration is a series of almost-maps and almost-tours. It performs a different kind of psychogeography, one…

The Matter of Loss

The Matter of Loss

Curated by Rose Bouthillier, Sky Goodden, Amber Landgraff, Deborah Wang, and Lauren Wetmore 2009   Photo credit: Art Gallery of Ontario The works in this exhibition respond to loss…

Growing Up in Howard Township

Growing Up in Howard Township, Kent County, Ontario

ELSWORTHY WANG, book and cover design 2009     “After my father Ken Elgie died in 1988, my mother, Ruth realized that some of his stories and memories…

Green Ground Zero

Green Ground Zero

ELSWORTHY WANG 2003   Competition Entry The proposal for a green ground zero is comprised of three components – a constructed wetland (swamp), solar canopy and interactive nodes….

The Typology and Topography of Repetition

The Typology and Topography of Repetition

Deborah Wang, curator 2010     Lists are subjective and laborious. They are expansive and dexterous. Lists come in many forms from the simple to the complex, and…

Being She

Being She: The Culture of Women’s Health and Health Care Through the Lens of Wholeness

Curated by Deborah Wang and Christina Zeidler 2011    Photo Credit: Gladstone Hotel Since it began in 1911, Women’s College Hospital has led a world of breakthroughs in…

Hespeler Public Library Textile Design

Hespeler Public Library Textile Design

ELSWORTHY WANG 2006 The Hespeler Public Library Textile Design competition invited textile artists and craftspeople to propose a large-scale textile drapery for the newly constructed Hespeler Public Library….

Big Knitting: Landscape Section 4

Big Knitting: Landscape Section 4

ELSWORTHY WANG 2008     Big Knitting: Landscape Section 4 uses the traditional, practical and applied nature of knitting to create work where process becomes an integral component….

Ithaca Light Sculpture


ELSWORTHY WANG 2011   Sample of knitted luminescent wire The knitted lamp we created for the exhibition MADE at Home merges a technique with a desired atmosphere or…

BIG FIBRE little fibre Installation

Big Knitting: Landscape Section

ELSWORTHY WANG 2006   Photo of installation at the historic Gladstone Hotel This project was conceived as the epilogue of the unrealized Hespeler Public Library Textile Design. Big…

Implant Matrix

Implant Matrix

William Elsworthy with Philip Beesley, Steven Wood and Rob Gorbet 2006   Rendered plan view of installation Implant Matrix is an interactive geotextile that could be used for…